Do’s and Don’t of Condom Talk

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The first rule of talking about Condoms is: Do not talk about them with your partner gone. This means you should not discuss it with your mom, dad, male friends, female friends etc. Especially if you are on oral sex then the rate at which one can get infected by a virus increases. Even after sex you should still have a conversation with your partner regarding using condoms. So here are some good quick tips that will help you go to link.

First be open about what needs to be done. Do not hide anything from your partner and if you have been using condoms and they have been working wonders for you then let them know how used. If on the other hand this is new territory for both parties involved; do share all information available.

Secondly keep in mind there are different types of condoms that work differently so when talking to your partner, identify which condom will work for you and tell her too also explain each condom benefit and usage.Remember to be as open as possible when discussing personal issues.

Third always have an open mind; while talking about condoms never hesitate to ask questions this will enable you learn more so do not shy away from asking any question even those ones that make feel embarrassed.Remember it’s about wellbeing of yourself together with your partner.

Fourthly if ever on a date where by chance I realize my date didn’t use any protection during intercourse I would inform him/her immediately so that necessary precautions could be taken.I might not manage paying medical bills right now but eventually yes.So better safe than sorry

Fifth never discuss own personal use of Condoms in presence partners or lover.If both adults subject doesn’t suit.It’s best just keeping quiet over such things focussing more on fun moments shared between two people.

Sixth respect partners choice may be they don’t like using these things though they’ve got other methods already figured out.Don’t force anyone into something against their wish if already comfortable with using them then let it be so but don’t try imposing others on people who resist.

Talking about condoms is only an issue when you and your partner are having fun, so do not take offense if friends make jest of condom use. Instead, talk about other things that will make your evening more enjoyable and lively. Just concentrate on having a good time and nobody will care whether or not you had unsafe sex

When discussing condoms, you should be open-minded. You have to honor your partner’s decisions about their sexual life. If your friend is the only one having unprotected sex, don’t talk about sex at all.

At last, it’s alright to joke around when talking about utilizing a condom. Humor can de-dramatize the topic and even make it interesting. Besides, it shifts the attention from yourself to your friend. In such a way your friend will realize that you are a caring person who wants to stay safe.

Most importantly, talking about condoms must never be tedious. It shouldn’t appear like a chore or as if you are trying to force them into using the particular condom which you have provided for them alone. Hence if you feel compelled to discuss with friends regarding their use of contraceptives then let humor act as a distractor or prevent becoming too personal during discussions on this topic; however always exercise good judgement while speaking about sex and also applying prophylactics.

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