FAQs About Hymen And Virginity?

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FAQs about Hymen and Virginity? We all know what the answer to this question is. But, I have here for you an alternative answer. What if I told you that there is an answer to FAQs about intercourse and pregnancy? If you knew that the right answer to this question might be a ‘yes’ then why don’t you go on ahead with it?

We all know that the vagina produces an egg when a woman is ovulating. This egg is released by the ovary and travels towards the uterus, where it stays until it implants in the wall of the uterus. In case of the absence of egg, a woman can still menstruate. Now, this can happen only during one month and not for more than four weeks.

Many women do not associate having unprotected sex with menstruation, but they are mistaken. Menses means that there are vaginal discharge and not egg in the vagina. There might be some odour less and creamy discharge that looks similar to cottage cheese. The discharge can occur before or after the menses and the colour can be greenish grey or white in colour. Sometimes, the discharge is so voluminous that it is present in the vaginal discharge and it cannot be ignored.

Some women feel that the absence of egg in the vagina prevents them from getting pregnant while others believe that the absence of the hymen and vaginal discharge ensures their fertility. They argue that there is a thin layer of mucus present which protects the sperm from getting exposed to bacteria and infections and ensures its survival. But, this layer also ensures that the pH level is not altered and that the sperm is transported safely to the fallopian tube.

According to these views, the absence of vagina and hymen during sexual intercourse does not mean that one is infertile. It is the lack of protection during sex, that is the reason for sterility. However, the question of the nature of the semen itself and whether it is alive remains unanswered. In fact, this question has been discussed by various medical practitioners and they have come to different conclusions but still no clear cut answer is available.

If one has intercourse without the hymen intact then there is a possibility that there would be some spermatozoa present in the vagina. However, there is no scope of sperms surviving in the acidic environment so they get burnt. But, the chances are remote. Hence, the question of whether one is infertile or not depends on the number of sperms and the age at which one had intercourse.

If one has intercourse at the age when ovulation occurs then there is no scope of fertilization as the egg is not present in the vagina. In case of men then there is no scope of fertilization because the corpus luteum is present in the male organ. Again, the chances of the presence of egg in the vagina and the absence of a hymen is remote. Hence, there is no need of a discussion about the question of hymen and virginity. The question of whether one is a virgin or not depends on whether one is willing to remain virginal after having had intercourse.

If you are not ready to remain a virgin then the chances of getting pregnant are remote. Hence, the answer to the question of hymen and virginity would be – no. One has no option but to remain a virgin until and unless one is willing to bear children. That said, it is not impossible to be pregnant if one has an active fertile life. There are various fertility treatments available in the market, which would help you conceive if you take proper care of your health.

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