FAQs About Hymen And Virginity?

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Questions about the hymen and virginity?

We all know what the answer to this question is. However, I have an alternative answer here for you. What if I told you there are FAQs about sex and pregnancy? So why not if you already knew this could be a ‘yes’?

We all know that the vagina produces an egg during ovulation in women. The egg is released from the ovary and then moves down to the uterus where it waits until it attaches itself on the uterine wall.

When no egg is present, a woman can still have her menstruation. This can only happen once in a month but not less than four weeks.

Many women do not connect unprotected sex with menses, but they should. Menses means there is no vaginal discharge but an egg in your vagina. There may also be some odourless creamy discharge resembling cottage cheese.

The discharge might occur before or after menses and could be greenish grey or white in coloration; sometimes it comes out so heavy that part of it remains stuck inside along with other parts making up our vaginal discharge – such voluminous amounts cannot be ignored!

Some women believe that lack of egg in vagina prevents them from getting pregnant while others think absence of hymen plus having no vaginal discharge ensures their fertility.

According to them there exists a thin layer of mucus which protects sperms from being exposed to bacteria or infections thus enhancing its survival as well; however this same protective mechanism ensures PH levels are not altered and safe transportation takes place through fallopian tube where fertilization occurs between spermatozoon & oocyte.

So under these views even though one lacks a vagina or hymen during intercourse doesn’t mean she’s infertile; rather its unprotected sexual activity that causes sterility.

Nevertheless whether semen is alive or not has remained a matter of debate among medics who seem divided on various positions but without any definite answers provided so far.

In case someone has sex without an intact hymen, it’s possible that few spermatozoa may be present within the vagina. However sperms cannot survive in acidic environment hence they die off; only thing is chances are very slim.

Therefore whether somebody becomes infertile depends on number of sperms as well when did they have sex.

When a person has intercourse at time of ovulation then no fertilization can take place since egg isn’t found in the vagina; regarding men there’s also no way for them to fertilize because corpus luteum exists in male organ but yet again likelihoods of having egg inside together with lack of hymen is almost zero.

So there’s really nothing much to talk about when it comes down to matters concerning virginity and the hymen. Whether someone remains virgin after engaging themselves into sex or not largely rests upon their own willpower.

There are slight chances of getting pregnant if you aren’t ready to keep your virginity. Therefore, the response to this matter about hymen and being a virgin would be no. But for someone who does not want kids then the only way out is to remain pure until they are prepared.

However it isn’t true that one cannot be impregnated when leading an active fertile lifestyle; it’s just that there may arise difficulties with conceiving children. In such cases, various fertility treatments can be used provided that good health practices are observed throughout the process.

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